Chloe Cathleen Ricketts #39 (CCR )
~ NWSL Washington Spirit - Professional Soccer Player and Adidas Athlete at 15 ~

Chloe Ricketts Noteable Soccer Achievements

Chloe Ricketts On-Field Skills & Attributes

  • Unmatched Foot Skills against any opponent... Girls or Boys
  • Extremely Fast and more importantly... Super Quick!
  • Great Shot but also Excellent Passer
  • Uncanny Take-Away ability, no such thing as 50/50 ball
  • Extraordinary Field Awareness
  • Consummate Team Player - Midfield or Forward
  • Invariable crowd pleaser, habit forming, just plain fun to watch!
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Chloe's Personal Attributes

  • 2007 Birth year, Class of 2025 On-line High School
  • Humble but fierce competitor and dedicated athlete
  • Straight "A" Student
  • Caretaker for many snakes, lizards, birds, and dogs
  • Loving Sister... (albeit tough love sometimes! lol)
AFC AA Photos by Raj Mehta and Josh Broland
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  Michigan Tigers Boys Soccer Club 2007 U.S. Women's Youth National Team NextLevel Training Adidas Soccer NWSL Washington Spirit MKT Jersey Blue Lion Fitness Gym AFC Ann Arbor Semi-Pro Soccer Club Michigan Jaguars Soccer Club Girls 2006  
Chloe Ricketts is an exceptional youth girls soccer, futsal, football, baller, player phenom. She is incredibly talented with "foot skills", fast, speed, quick. Been a "state champion" on the "national, regional, teams and a national champion. Played for hawks, tigers, jaguars, solar,NWSL, Washington Spirit, afcaa "afc ann arbor" "mighty oak"